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Attention to the feet before a race

Either because we are going to participate in the San Silvestre race or because among our purposes of the year we have reserved a place to run a marathon, these recommendations interest us.

By the hand of Dr. Daniel Mayral Esteban, specialist in Sports and surgical podiatry at Teknon Medical Center we learn the fundamental keys to embark on this sporting challenge.

How do our feet influence the race?

Taking care of them properly allows us to obtain the best performance in a marathon. Having our feet ready helps us achieve a better result, prevent injuries and resist to the goal, which are situations that can be truncated by a sore foot.

Is it necessary to take care of your feet beforehand? [19659004] Just as we train our body to run several kilometers, it is vital that the runners prepare their feet before and after the race.

For example, one of the basic foot care is to keep them well hydrated because thus it is favored that the skin conserves its properties and its elasticity. To do this, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer appropriate to the specific characteristics of each person.

Prepare for a career

It is also important to get rid of hardness, excessive length on the nails … A good way to achieve this is through chiropodology, which is a treatment that is performed in specialized podiatry consultations. Specifically, it consists of:

  • Eliminate hardnesses or also called cheropathies.
  • Clean the skin.
  • Correct the length of the nails by cutting and milling them.
  • Apply, in almost all cases, a straight form on the nails.

Of course, it is not convenient to leave this podiatric treatment for the last moment, but it is preferable to do it seven days before of the marathon appointment .

Tips for preparing the feet on the day of the competition

  • Apply petroleum jelly so that they are hydrated, but not exceeding the amount because this could cause an unwanted effect, such as increased sweating.
  • Avoid new footwear or other technical equipment on the day the marathon is to be run.
  • Avoid nail cutting just on the day of the competition.
  • Wear technical socks instead of the cotton ones that need more time to dry.
  • Do not use biomechanical templates if you need to run with them, since a period is usually necessary to adapt to them.

5 basic rules for prevent sports injuries

  1. Good food and nutrition.
  2. Rest adequate.
  3. Perform the exercises stretching corresponding to the sports discipline that is practiced and , if it is the case, to the physical problems that each person has.
  4. Wear the appropriate footwear .
  5. Analyze the footprint and the characteristic sports movement of the activity that is practiced.

Foot pain when running, is it possible to treat it?

It is important to go to a specialized consultation in sports podiatry to analyze the characteristics of the runner's footprint, individually lizada, through the biomechanical study of the march . In this way, mechanical problems that cause discomfort are detected.

This study also allows perfecting performance, balance, posture and swing or sports gesture, which favors the prevention of injuries caused by inappropriate positions.

Biomechanical study of gait

Specifically it is:

  1. Collect data or anamnesis to know the patient's situation.
  2. Examine manually the bones and the musculature of the feet.
  3. Perform the test of pressure platforms that indicates how the load is distributed, the points of greatest pressure and the torsions
  4. Analyze the centers of gravity of the foot using baropodometry.
  5. Observe posture and balance through other tests.

Finally, with the information collected, the diagnosis is provided to the patient e, and the treatment that suits its characteristics is recommended.

In some cases, it is advisable to use biomechanical insoles which are not orthopedic, tailored for the runner's foot, of any alteration in posture and sweating. Another possibility, which is getting a good response in athletes, is the use of the most recent plantar supports .