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The cold as an ally to lose weight

As the saying goes, there is no harm that for good does not come. Above all, if you are thinking about take off those kilos earned at Christmas, and that you still resist: lowering temperatures can help you achieve your goal .

The organism it needs to maintain a constant temperature of approximately 37º, so, if the environment around us is much colder, the body has to put in place a mechanism for generating calories. To get an idea of ​​what this means, this series of processes necessary to counteract the cold can lead to an expenditure of up to 30% of the total energy budget of the body.

Dr. Carolina Pérez Iglesias, nutrition specialist at the Obesity Unit of the Quirónsalud Hospitals Torrevieja and Murcia explains that "when the thermometer marks between 25 and 30 ° of ambient temperature, our body does not need to consume energy. But when it drops until 17º, the organism tends to produce brown adipose tissue, good fat that burns energy and glucose, and that produces the heat necessary to maintain body heat. "

As a general recommendation, the doctor advises to get used to living in a less environment. hot, lowering the temperature of the central heating of the air-conditioned buildings during winter nights.

The cold as an ally par to lose weight On the other hand, we must bear in mind that not everyone has the same perception of cold . Many times it happens that, given the same temperature, certain people feel especially affected. The specialist clarifies that, indeed, there are patients who report having more cold sensation than the average. There are several causes related to this sensitivity to cold:

  • lack of body fat
  • a chronic disease
  • a general deteriorated state of health, such as anemia anorexia or hypothyroidism

As for using the cold as a tool to help you lose weight, the doctor reminds us that there are many methods to they are worth the low temperatures to lose weight.

Weight loss methods that use cold as a tool

  • Cold bandages. It causes a local decrease in temperature that accelerates the metabolic activity of the organism, causing energy consumption. This achieves a reduction in fat mass thickness, toxin removal and tissue toning.
  • Food . The body cannot allow food to reach the bloodstream cold, so it must first heat it in the stomach. This, in addition to supposing an energy expenditure, slows digestion and delays the onset of hunger.
  • Cold water . As with food, the body needs to heat the drinks we consume very cold. For example, drinking a liter of water means burning around 37 kcals to heat it.
  • Cold showers . In addition to other benefits of showering with non-hot water, a two-minute shower at 25º consumes approximately 100 kcal.

It should be remembered that an adequate weight loss procedure includes staying active and eating in a balanced manner.