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The use of headphones and their effect on hearing

We are increasingly connected to mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices through headphones. In fact, it is very common to see them in the ears of many people when we walk down the street. This habit, which is so internalized and seems so harmless, can actually harm hearing, causing an irreversible loss of it.

What is the reason for this adverse effect? How to detect a hearing loss? Are there measures to prevent deafness? We explain why these hearing problems occur and how more responsible use of music players can be used, especially when they are heard through headphones.

Anatomy of the organ of Corti What effect does it cause to hear? music with headphones?

This widespread custom can have a harmful effect on hearing, since it can cause early aging, if used continuously. Specifically, this occurs because the headphones in general, and more especially those of the plug type, cause deterioration of the hair cells, which are located in the organ of Corti within the cochlea of ​​the ear and are responsible for transmitting the signals to the brain. These internal cells are injured and degraded, which causes hearing loss.

Dr. Ana Jover Esplá specialist in Otolaryngology of Medical Center Quirónsalud Alicante explains that " these internal hair cells are responsible for transmitting signals to the brain and affected especially can be seriously affected if we are regular users of the plug-type headphones. When this happens, the hair cells are degrading and hearing is progressively lost. "

Young people and deafness

Worldwide the figures are not exactly encouraging since, according to WHO It is estimated that 1,100 million people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of losing their hearing due to the noise coming from music playback devices and other leisure activities. [1 9659002] In addition, it is estimated that, within that age range, more than 43 million suffer from a hearing problem that incapacitates them due to various factors such as exposure to noise at inappropriate levels.

How to prevent hearing problems? [19659005] Our specialist summarizes in two the fundamental keys with "rule 60 and 60", which means:

  • 1 hour a day . We must not exceed more than 60 minutes listening to music through headphones.
  • 60 decibels. It's our top, so we have to hear the music below, for the well-being of the ear.

The use of headphones and their effect on hearing

Symptoms of a loss of audition

Dr. Irene Monjas Cánovas specialist in Otolaryngology of the same hospital, points to two indications of a possible hearing impairment, which will help us detect this type of problem:

  • Tinnitus which we can hear even when we do not listen to music.
  • Beeps which continue when the headphones are stopped using.

These signals are manifested and maintained, even after the device has been turned off. [19659002] It should be noted that, in case of any alarm signal, it is important to go to the ENT office to perform a hearing check.